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All prices are subject to sight of final brief.


Standard Rate: £60.00 per hour plus costs plus VAT where applicable.

Day Rate: £420.00 plus costs plus VAT where applicable. (Based on 8.0 hours)

Every effort will be made to deliver a project at the prices stated in the estimate. However, if any variations or additions are required, the Client will be advised of additional costs and no additional work will be carried out without the Client’s approval.

Meetings: Initial meetings are free of charge (up to two hours). Further project meetings will be charged at £60.00 per hour
plus travel.

Minimum Charge: All projects/requests are subject to a minimum charge of £20.00 plus VAT.

Proofing and Colour Matching

Electronic PDF proofs are used to check layout and wording. A PDF proof cannot be used for exact colour matching due to variations in computer monitors. Due to differences in the way different computer monitors display colour exact matching of colour on a website is not possible. However, colours will be close to those originally intended.


The website will be built to comply as closely as possible with W3C valid HTML, W3C Valid CSS and W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. Some compromise in design and layout may be required to achieve this. The client will be advised as necessary.


The site will designed and tested to be operable on the most recent versions of the following browsers unless specified otherwise:

Windows based PC's (80.6% of Operating Systems – W3schools.com, April 2014)

  • Internet Explorer (9.4% of browsers on the PC - W3schools.com, April 2014)
  • Google Chrome (58.4% of browsers on the PC - W3schools.com, April 2014)
  • Mozilla Firefox (25% of browsers on the PC - W3schools.com, April 2014)

Mac (10.3% of Operating Systems – W3schools.com, April 2014)**

  • Safari
  • Firefox

Mobile (4.0% of Operating Systems W3schools.com, April 2014).

**Please Note: As the Macintosh computer represents approximately 9.2% (see above) of operating systems the site will be checked to be viewable on the Macintosh computer. Due to the difference of browsers on the Macintosh computer slight differences in appearance may occur. Also the web accessibility features are not fully supported on all browsers on the Macintosh computer. If you require full Macintosh compatibility please request it.


The site will be optimised for viewing at a browser resolution of 1024 pixels x 768 pixels (6% of users at 1024 x 768, 93% at higher W3schools.com, January 2014).

Hosting and Email

Estimate have no allowance for hosting or email provision unless stated.

Search Engine Optimisation

This estimate has no allowance for Search Engine Optimisation unless stated.

Photography, Illustration and Copy writing:

Estimates have no allowance, unless stated, for photography, illustration or copywriting which will be estimated for separately as required.

Supplied Materials:

It is assumed that all text and images supplied by the Client will be in electronic format (if unsure please check) and be of a suitable quality for the intended use.

All page content, images and information should be supplied prior to commencement of the project to avoid delays.


It assumed that the Client has copyright ownership and has a right to reproduce all supplied images and artworks in any format. The Client assumes absolute liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party, and agrees to indemnify Colin Harrison Design Limited against any resulting loss or damage.

Web Management Fee:

The Web Management Fee covers:

  • Placing orders and setting up of the webspace account for hosting the website in the Client’s name. Supplying account details, user names and passwords to the Client. The Client is responsible for setting up a broadband connection to the internet.
  • Setting up of email accounts and supplying user names and passwords to the Client. The Client is responsible for setting up their own email software on their computer system.

All web hosting prices quoted are commercial prices and may be compared with comparable web hosting companies.

Clients are at liberty to deal with their own hosting company and Colin Harrison Design Limited will supply the website on disc ready for uploading. It will then be the Client’s responsibility to upload the website to their chosen web hosting company.


14 days from the date of the final Invoice. If the final invoice is not paid after 30 days the debt will be passed to Credit Control Services. Interest will be charged at 10% together with an additional charge to cover administration costs. 50% of the final agreed fee is due at on placement of the order for the project. The remaining 50% is due on sign-off of the completed site.

Projects longer than one month in duration will be invoiced to date at the end of each month.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged where applicable, and delivery unless stated in the estimate.

All goods remain the property of Colin Harrison Design Limited until paid for in full.

Estimates are subject to Colin Harrison Design Limited’s full Terms and Conditions, available on request.

Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date issued.

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